The currency of influence

You have access to what you will honor.
At least, you should only have access to what you will honor…
I have made an error in my journey – I have given influence to people who did not honor leadership. (Gasp – I know it sounds foolish and it is, but let me explain…)
I have made the mistake of undervaluing my responsibility as one entrusted with leadership. In a misapplication of humility, and an over-realized desire to be “empowering,” I’ve given people access to me and influence in areas where I am responsible, without first requiring them to honor leadership. It’s never worked out well.
If you have a responsibility over a resource, ministry, or organization – you need to be courageous enough to recognize that the buck stops with you. You are the one held responsible by the Lord. You should not be bullied (not even by your own insecurity) into thinking that you’re just being an egomaniac if you steward and protect what you’ve been entrusted with. Don’t buy the lie that you have some “agenda.” IF someone wants influence without honor, THEY have an agenda.
And on that note, if you find yourself part of an organization or ministry and you want to be part of making things happen, being a catalyst or influence, then find someone who has been entrusted with responsibility and honor them. I don’t mean go tell them why they should listen to you and value your gifts; nor do I mean going to them and asking for meetings, for coffee, for fellowship, for a chance to “hang out and connect, and get to know each other more.” Chances are they are buried and aren’t looking for ways to use up spare time…I mean go honor them. Help them in a way that helps them. Encourage them. Be kind; be generous; be helpful. They’ll notice. They will notice. They may eventually seek out your company, opinion, input and even your friendship.
Honoring someone isn’t manipulation or any such thing.
Honor is the currency of influence. Without the former, there must not be the latter.
At least that’s what my mistakes have taught me.

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  1. This has been with me all week since reading it 🙂 It certainly applies to parenting and in my work as a nurse. Thanks for sharing!

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